Early Learning Community Teachers

ELC teachers and staff gather in the outdoor play space.

ELC Teachers left to right above: (front) Lynn, Rebecca, Susan, Hayes, (back) Mark, Lorea, Shannon, Laurel, Abby, Ellie, Aja, Shelby, Amy, Ren.

Preschool Teachers  |  Full Day  |  Dolphin Class 

Laurel Collison  |  Lead Teacher  |  lcollison@pacificu.edu

Amy Vandehey  |  Lead Assistant Teacher

Lorea Weckert  |  Assistant Teacher

Preschool Teachers  |  Full Day  |  Seal Class

Shannon Crampton  |  Lead Teacher  |  cram4488@pacificu.edu

Rebecca Basham-Sanchez  |  Lead Assistant Teacher  

Lynn Trabosh  |  Assistant Teacher

Kindergarten Teachers  |  Full Day  |  Whale Class

Ellie Rickett  |  Lead Teacher  |  erickett@pacificu.edu

Abby Bradley  |  Lead Assistant Teacher

First/Second Grade Teacher  | Full Day  |  Otter Class

Aja Appel  |  Lead Teacher  |   aja.appel@pacificu.edu

Hayes Smith  |  Lead Assistant Teacher

Third/Fourth Grade Teacher  | Full Day  |  Sea Lion Class

Susan Achurra  |  Lead Teacher  |   s.achurra@pacificu.edu 

Hayes Smith  |  Lead Assistant Teacher

School Administration 

Ren Johns  |  Head of School  |  rjohns@pacificu.edu  |  Contact for questions regarding licensing, health and safety protocols, and opportunities for feedback.

Mark Bailey  |  Director, Child Learning and Development Center  |  baileym@pacificu.edu  |  Contact for questions regarding pedagogy, research and observation requests.

Shelby Cokeley | Progam Assistant  |  coke4833@pacificu.edu | Contact for questions regarding enrollment, school policy and day-to-day program matters.

Contacting and Visiting the School

Phone:  503-352-1481

Mailing Address

Early Learning Community
Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR  97116


The Early Learning Community is located on the Pacific University campus, at the corner of Pacific Avenue & Cedar Street in Forest Grove (physical address: 2020 Cedar Street)