A Day in Our Community

A Day In Our Community — Program Elements

Our learning community includes the school's children, their families, our educators, and extends to the whole of Pacific University, Forest Grove and the surrounding areas. Our community works and plays together each day, learning through active, exploratory experiences. The ELC is comprised of two mixed-age preschool classes, a kindergarten and a first/second grade class blend.

Each day, children spend time in at least four different learning environments:

  • The Classroom “Home,” where children begin and end their day, connect with their immediate community of classmates and teacher, and engage in focused learning activities
  • The Atelier: Art Studio & Science Area, where children encounter physical and natural sciences and experience all manner of visual arts
  • The Creative Exploration Area, where children choose from a rich array of materials that afford constructive learning opportunities in literacy, numeracy, dramatic play and fine motor coordination
  • The Piazza, also known as the Outdoor Play Area,  where children engage in large locomotor activities, games and social interaction between all classrooms. They also spend time observing and investigating nature, enjoying fresh air, sunshine and rain.

Community connections are integral to many learning endeavors at the ELC. We are immersed in an extended learning community that includes the colleges and schools of Pacific University, as well as the city of Forest Grove and surrounding area. Field trips allow children to encounter local cultural, library and campus events, while guests from outside the school offer a wide range of real-world learning experiences. 

Parent connections are vital to the strength of our learning community. We value active parent participation in the life of the school, and we use various communication tools for keeping parents informed about their child's experiences. One of these tools is the Classroom Blog, where daily life in the classroom is regularly documented.  During the fall and again in spring, we host a school wide Celebration of Learning. This is a time when children proudly guide their family members throughout their classroom, showcasing many accomplishments. The evening also provides an opportunity for families to meet or reconnect with each other.