Teaching Approaches

We play to learn at the Early Learning Community. Our teaching supports the development of the whole child — intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and as a steward of the environment. Each day in our vibrant and nurturing school home, children build a foundation for future autonomous learning through immersion in the elements of play.

Our approaches to teaching and learning are based on best practices, specifically those practices that are research-driven, evidence-based, and responsive to the understanding that young children:

  • Learn best through active, engaged, authentic experiences, in an environment that is appropriate for their age and developmental level
  • Learn best when the school develops a sense of community for all participants
  • Learn best when they are with teachers who consider and respond to them as individuals

What experiential learning looks like at the Early Learning Community

  • Children have the time and opportunity to experience and respond creatively to the world around them.
  • Children can take appropriate risks, explore and investigate in a social setting that is safe, secure and stimulating.
  • Children have experiences that encourage them to interact with others, develop interpersonal skills and learn cooperatively.
  • Through these experiences, children build increasingly complex skills in the use of language, problem solving, cooperation and community building.
  • Teachers respond to the natural curiosity of children by promoting positive dispositions toward learning and sense of self.