Pacific University Fight Song and Alma Mater

Pacific University Fight Song

The Pacific University Fight Song is sung loud and with good cheer to inspire enthusiasm, most often during athletic events.

Printable sheet music (pdf)

We’re gonna fight, fight, fight for Pacific U.
With all our might, might, might till the game is through;

No matter what the score, win, lose, or draw, we’re rooting for you; 
So keep your head up high and show them what those Boxers can do.

We’re gonna fight, fight, fight for Pacific U.
Your best is all we ask to meet the task we put you through;

So we want it known specific, that Pacific is terrific; 
Give your all to Pacific U!

Pacific University Alma Mater

Hail, Old Pacific, Hail! is Pacific University's alma mater, and is sung ceremoniously in respect of the treasured history of Pacific University.

Printable sheet music (pdf)

Hail, old Pacific, Hail, noble and strong,
To thee with loyal hearts we raise our song,
Swelling to heaven high, loud praises ring.
Hail, old Pacific, Hail, to thee we sing.

Majesty as a crown rests on thy brow,
Pride, honor, glory, love before the bow.
Ne'er can thy spirit die, thy walls decay.
Hail, old Pacific, Hail, for thee we pray.

Hail, old Pacific, hail, guide of our youth,
Lead thou they children on to light and truth.
Then, when death summons us, others shall praise,
Hail, old Pacific, hail, through endless days.