A Guide to Walking the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a pattern found in many cultures. From the early Cretan labyrinths to the medieval cathedral labyrinths to Hopi symbols, labyrinths have been part of the human experience.

The labyrinth has one path so there are no tricks to it and no dead ends. It is not a maze. The path winds back and forth and becomes a metaphor for our lives. Take deep breaths, allow your body to find its own pace and walk with an open mind and open heart.  Do what feels comfortable.

There are three stages to the walk:

  • The walk in: This can be a releasing of something that is bothering you, a letting go of the details of our life. You can quiet your mind and experience the way your body feels on the labyrinth.  You can begin with an intention to explore something in your mind and soul during the walk.
  • The center: Stay here as long as you like. The center is a place of meditation and prayer. Receive what is there for you to receive.
  • The walk out: Take the illumination, insight, or quietness you found in the center back into the world.