Faculty and Staff Wellness Resource Guide

The following pages were created to support your well-being. We are each different, yet we all have so much in common.

Though this is not an exhaustive page of all resources that can assist you through the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation, we hope that there is something here for everyone. Be aware that most of the Additional Resources links will take you to websites outside of the Pacific University system. They are not endorsed by the university and are simply provided to showcase a range of accessible information. We encourage you to explore more wellness resources on your own as well.

Table of Contents

1. Mental Health

Try to take steps every day to care for your mental health and to support the mental health of those around you.

2. Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Taking consistent conscious action to de-stress and relax can help improve overall well-being.

3. Physical Activity

Regular physical activity supports wellness in a number of ways.

4. Nutrition

Quality nutrition choices support mental and physical wellness.

5. Sleep

Quality sleep improves overall well-being, including improved clarity, productivity, physical health, and mental wellness.

6. Work From Home: Ergonomics

Feeling healthy has an enormous impact on your work. Please consider ergonomics when setting up your at-home workspace.

7. Work From Home: Basics

Working from home can bring new considerations to light - for you and your team.

8. Work From Home: Children

When you have children at home and typically work away from the house, you face new demands when working remotely.

9. Work From Home: Supervisor

Managing a remote team can bring new challenges and opportunities.

10. Teaching Online

This is a new adventure- on so many levels -for you and your students.

11. Student Support

This situation affects everyone (a little or a lot) differently.

12. Activities: Children & Teens

Creative ways to keep your children engaged while they spend more time at home.

13. Talking to Kids about COVID-19

Knowing your children are well can help you be well.

14. Caring for Elderly Loved Ones

Caring for our older loved ones during the Coronavirus situation can add additional stress and concern.

15. Helping Others

Giving help to others helps them... and you.

16. Connecting to Loved Ones

Staying in touch with the people you care about has never been easier.

17. Creative Outlets & Opportunities

Spending time doing things you enjoy is fantastic for your well being.

18. Accessing Accurate Information

Misinformation can make a difficult situation even harder.

19. Local, Regional, Federal Resources

To help others, to help you or to do both.

20. Benefits Providers Online Access

They're here to assist you.

21. Pacific University Quick Reference


Thank you for your efforts to build a strong community. We are proud to partner with you - today and every day.

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