PLO and The Standard

On August 9, 2019 former Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2005 into law. This new law establishes a comprehensive paid family and medical leave program. 

Pacific University is approved to offer a private equivalent plan through The Standard to comply with the Oregon Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program.  The paid leave benefits will be administered by The Standard which comprehensively reviews Pacific University’s Leaves of Absences, Short Term Disability, State Paid Leave Benefits, Long-Term Disability, and Accommodations programs.

Almost all Oregon employees are covered if they received at least $1,000 in wages during the base period. Federal Work Study student employees are not eligible for these benefits; but, Non-Work Study student employees are eligible when they meet the requirements. 

Beginning with paychecks in September, paid leave benefits will be funded with payroll contributions. The cost of OR PFML is set at 1% of a covered individual's wages up to $132,900, adjusted annually by Consumer Price Index West Region. The cost will be 60% employee paid and 40% employer paid.

Covered Individuals are eligible for no more than 12 total weeks of PFML benefits in a single 52-week period. Up to an additional two weeks are available for the Covered Individual’s limitations due to pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition.  Pacific University requires that employees give 30 days’ written notice prior to taking family or medical leave.  When 30 days’ notice is not possible because of unforeseeable circumstances, covered individuals or their representatives must give verbal notice within 24 hours of starting leave, and must then provide written notice within three days of starting leave.

If an employee fails to give proper notice, the employee’s first weekly benefit amount may be reduced by up to 25%. 

OR PFML benefits are in addition to paid sick time (including Oregon state required paid sick time), vacation leave or other paid leave earned by an employee and Pacific University requires an employee to use paid sick time, vacation leave or any other paid leave earned by the employee in addition to receiving paid family and medical leave insurance benefits to replace an employee’s wages up to 100 percent of the eligible employee’s average weekly wage during a period of leave taken for family leave, medical leave or safe leave.  

OR PFML weekly benefit is a percentage of your average weekly wage capped at 120% of the Oregon state average weekly wage (SAWW).  If you earn less than 65% of the Oregon SAWW, your weekly benefit amount is 100% of your average weekly wage.  If you earn more than 65% of the Oregon SAWW, your weekly benefit amount is the sum of 65% of the SAWW, plus 50% of the portion of your average weekly wage that exceeds 65% of the SAWW.  For July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024, the SAWW is $1,269.69.  Therefore, the maximum benefit during this period is $1,523.63.  To assist in the weekly benefit calculation, access the calculator below or contact the Benefit Specialist.

Oregon PFML Benefit Calculator


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