Sick Leave

Maintaining good attendance is a condition of employment and an essential function of every employee’s job. To minimize hardships that may result from illness or injury, Pacific University provides paid sick leave benefits. However, periodic sick leave taken on a repeated basis may be viewed as abuse of the system and is subject to progressive discipline. The University uses a one day per month or 12 days in a rolling fiscal year as a guideline of acceptable absenteeism. Absences that exceed sick leave will be charged to vacation before placing an employee in unpaid status.

Sick leave benefits may be used for the illness of the employee, or to care for a member of the employee's immediate family or individual with whom the employee had a serious and sustained relationship is ill or injured. Family Medical Leave may also be applicable. Medical certification is required if the absence exceeds five working days. Sick leave may also be used to supplement short-term disability and health care appointments.

Non-exempt staff members accrue leave at the rate of one regular scheduled working day per month from date of hire. Leave is accrued up to a maximum of 180 days during any month in which a staff member is paid. Exempt staff members start the fiscal year with 30 days of sick leave which cannot be accrued. Sick leave is not payable upon termination.