Faculty & Governance Handbook

Pacific University Faculty and Governance Handbook

CURRENT January 2023 Pacific University Faculty and Governance Handbook

Chapter 1: The University: History and Policy
Chapter 2: The Pacific University Governance System
Chapter 3: Administrative Organization
Chapter 4: Conditions of Faculty Employment
Chapter 5: The Student Conduct Process
Chapter 6: Procedures Governing Academic Program Reviews, Additions, Relocations, Expansions, and Elimination

Please note: the Handbook has been reformatted. Changes include combining the six chapters into a single document with consistent fonts, styles, numbering, capitalization rules, etc. (see style guide below for more information). A table of contents has also been added to each chapter. In addition to content and formatting changes, some of the numbering has changed. If you have other documents that refer to numbered sections in the Handbook, please update those references. Under RESOURCES below there is a "cheat sheet" that may be able to assist you.

The handbook is now updated on July 1 (all chapters) and January 15 (all chapters except chapter four which corresponds with faculty contracts) each year. The most recent version of the handbook is always available on this website, so we encourage you to avoid downloading the document.

If you have questions about the reformatting or need a copy of the Word version of any section of the handbook, please request a copy from:

Kim Greenwood |  Senior Executive Assistant to the Provost
kimg@pacificu.edu | 503-352-2114


University Faculty and Governance Handbook Style Guide
Reference Number "Cheat Sheet"
Conflict of Interest (Rev 2015)
External Consulting Disclosure Form (Rev 2015)
Administrative Organizational Chart (Rev July 2022)
September 2020 Governance Chart
Pacific University Charter

College/Unit Governance Documents

College of Arts & Sciences 
College of Health Professions
College of Optometry
College of Education
College of Business
University Libraries

New Academic Program Approval and Implementation

Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (see specific notes for Mac users)
New Academic Program Proposal or Modification Transmittal Form (to be completed and submitted to Provost's Office for requested new programs or program changes - Updated November 2021)
New Academic Program and Business Program Template (Contact Maegan Jossy for the most current proposal)
Budget Plan Templates/Narratives (Contact Sarah Morse with any questions)
2022-2023 Final Governance Calendar
Program and Initiative Approval Process Flow Chart (March 2019)

For additional information please visit the Proposals webpage.

Highlighted Policies

Consensual Relationship Policy
Human Resources Policies
Intellectual Property Policy
Political Campaign Activity Policy
Sustainability Policy
Title IX

All Policies