Photo of Laura Dimmler, MPA, PhD

Laura Dimmler, PhD, MPA

Professor Emeritus

Laura Dimmler, PhD, MPA is the former director of the Pacific University School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership and Master of Healthcare Administration programs. Dr. Dimmler is also the former co-director of Pacific's PhD in Education and Leadership program.  She has been with Pacific since 2008.  Dr. Dimmler earned her bachelor of arts degree from San Diego State University, and a master in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She also received a doctorate from the University of Colorado’s Graduate School of Public Affairs (public administration, health policy analysis). Dr. Dimmler has served in teaching and leadership roles with university healthcare management programs for more than thirty years, including appointments with Meharry Medical College, Cornell University’s Sloan program, and Montana State University. Prior to working in academe, Dr. Dimmler held positions with the Alaska Medicaid program, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (Division of Environmental Health), the HealthTrust Hospital System, the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, and rural healthcare practices and community hospitals in the Intermountain West.