Media Releases | Marketing Practices

Media releases are legal documents that protect the university and ensure that students are aware that their image will be used for marketing purposes.

The Office of Marketing & Communications provides media releases online at

DOs & DON’Ts

  • DO have every person sign a media release.
  • DO inform the subject how the photograph will be used.

Signing Media Releases

Observe the following guidelines.

  • Have every subject captured during a photo session sign an individual or group media release form.
  • At the time of signing, inform the subject how the images will be used.
    For example, “We will be using these images to decorate the hallways of Berglund, and they may appear in College of Education advertisements. That will be their only use.”

NOTE | The only exception to these guidelines is event photography where there are too many people to reasonably obtain signatures. For more information, see Event Photography.

Following Up

If an individual signed a media release, you should still follow up with them under certain circumstances. This can be a phone conversation, an email or any other direct form of communication.

1. If the individual was not informed of how the images will be used. For example, if you were interrupting a conversation or activity to get the signature.


Hi [Name],

Thank you for signing our media release on [TIME/DATE]. I did not have the opportunity to tell you that the images will be used to [USAGE]. I wanted to make sure that you were aware.

If that use is unacceptable to you, please tell me. You are not required to participate.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

2. If you will be using an old image in new and different ways.

CONNECTION | For information on when to update students or definitions of “new or different ways,” see Photography Updates.