Social Media

Marketing & Communications manages university-wide social media accounts on a number of platforms. We also can support you in using social media for business purposes at the college, school, club or center level.

All Pacific University social media accounts must be approved by Marketing & Communications in order to be considered official channels, to be eligible for post sharing by university-wide accounts, and to be included in our social media directory and website. Social media accounts should be set up using Pacific University email and contact information, not personal accounts, and Marketing & Communications must have back-end access to the accounts in case of emergencies, significant errors, or staffing transitions.

To get started, please complete the social media request form. We will work with you to discuss your strategy, set-up, audience interaction, monitoring and metrics. Social media requires time and resources, so it is important to understand the time commitment you will need to make to be successful. 

All Pacific University social media accounts must also follow social media guidelines to ensure proper usage as well as the protection and safety of Pacific University, its employees and students.

In many cases, a dedicated unit-specific social media account may not be the best solution. If you have specific content that would be of interest to Pacific audiences, you also can submit ideas and post requests for the university-wide channels, which have the largest followings. Submit content for posts on the social media request form.