2020 Election Night and Beyond

The 2020 Election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3. Excitement and anxiety are high – have you made plans to follow the event and to take care of yourself in the days that follow?

Remote and in-person election night watch parties are planned for the evening of Nov. 3. Political science professors and other faculty and staff will be on hand to process the news as the results unfold. Gather with a friend or make a new one as you witness this historic event. Learn more about remote and in-person options here

A wide range of opportunities to learn, connect, and find support are also planned for the days following the election. From mindfulness groups to lunch-and-learns, official election results forums, and support spaces – there should be something for everyone. Learn more here.

And FYI, the Student Counseling Center will be available all day on Nov. 4 for drop-in appointments while the 24/7 Support and Crisis Line may be reached any day, any time by calling (503) 352-2999.

Now would be a good time to think about what your plan is if the results are not the outcome you hoped for or take a long time to become finalized (the 2000 election didn’t yield a final result until Dec. 12th). Some things to consider:

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

  1. Practice patience and trust in our democracy. Though this election process may be different, our system is resilient and strong, and we have successfully held elections during many challenging periods in our history.
  2. Know that steps are being taken to verify and count people’s votes, even if this requires more time than usual due to the pandemic.
  3. Elevate credible sources of information. Look to your local elections officials for information and updates on election results OR consider a social media fast in the days surrounding the election.
  4. Plan for uncertainty & carefully respond to contested results.
  5. Remember that whatever the outcome, there will be friends and fellow students who are unhappy with the results. If you are celebrating, think about how to do it in a way that won’t hurt others or damage your relationships.
  6. Remember that participation in any civil disobedience activities should take into consideration public health precautions related to COVID-19 (e.g. distancing, face coverings, etc.).

Pacificu.edu/Vote2020 will continue to be updated throughout election week and beyond as needed – this is your go-to page for all thing’s election at Pacific. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to mcce@pacificu.edu.

Our campus is engaged and ready! We look forward to seeing you – either remotely or in person - on election night and beyond. Happy Voting!  

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020