Boxer Love Story: Kathy (Senske) Wan '82, OD '84 and Larry Wan '81, OD '83

Larry and Kathy Wan in front of a glacierLarry and Kathy met in 1977 as freshmen at Pacific University. They had several core classes together, and would often spend time with a group of mutual friends. During their sophomore year, Larry asked Kathy to study for a library skills test that was part of their writing course. They didn’t end up studying at all that evening but that night they began their decades-long relationship. 
During spring break they took a memorable trip to Disneyland with a group of friends. Along their drive to Southern California, they made pit stops at the homes of various friends' parents to eat their food.
Both Kathy and Larry applied to Pacific University's College of Optometry and were engaged shortly after. Larry commends Kathy for planning a wedding, while simultaneously passing her exams and working on campus. The couple was married on May 29, 1982 in Kathy's hometown, Salem, Ore.

larry and kathyYears later, their daughter Alison (Wan) Perez '09 would meet her spouse, Javier Perez '09, MAT '13, while attending Pacific. The more Boxers in the family, the merrier!

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Friday, Sept. 6, 2019