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Weather Alert
Please use caution when traveling locally or walking under large trees on campus.
With Covid-19 considerations at the forefront of our minds, we may overlook other proactive measures that keep us safe and healthy. Check out this safety spotlight for a quick look at personal protective equipment and lifting techniques.
Give those around you a gift. In the event of an emergency, have the necessary tools to act quickly and assist. 
Rest and sleep are critical aspects of stress management, safety, and overall health. Take time today to explore information about sleep health, fatigue, and how to improve slumber.
Cold weather can bring changing conditions to Pacific campuses and their surrounding areas.
CPS Building
Fire alarm and mechanical testing in campus buildings started on June 15, and will continue until June 30.
Members of the Pacific University community are encouraged to increase their awareness when walking on campus. With increased precipitation, surfaces can become slippery quickly - inside and outside buildings.
Hillsboro Campus
Server that controls access to buildings at the Forest Grove, Hillsboro and Eugene campuses is back online following a multi-day outage.
A public safety incident occurred near the Hillsboro Campus on Monday evening, Jan. 23.