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Pacific Football Players Running Out Onto The Field
Fans in the Portland area have the opportunity to watch nearly half of the Boxers' 2023 games on local television.
Graduates sit under the oaks on the Forest Grove Campus during August Commencement 2023.
Students earned bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in audiology, dental hygiene, psychology, health sciences, occupational therapy, physician assistant studies, and education and leadership.
Our thoughts are with our Pacific University Ohana which is coping with devastating wildfires on the islands of Maui and Hawai’i and the effects of high winds from Hurricane Dora.
Adelle Monteblanco
The Pacific University assistant professor is the only academic honoree on Portland Business Journal’s honor roll of influential professionals
Kylie Hepler '25 marks her car as a street scientist
Students participated in a tri-county data collection effort that aims to identify "hot zones" and support vulnerable communities who are especially at risk from extreme temperatures.
Eaton joins Pacific University after 11-year tenure at the University Of Portland.
Pacific has once again earned the designation as a Voter Friendly Campus for 2023-2024 from two national voting rights organizations. Find out what Pacific's Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement is doing to help make life-long voters out of our students!
At Pacific, we celebrate that our Boxer community is a found family filled with people from every background and walk of life. We honor the unique voices and lived experiences of each member of this family. And we commit to the ongoing work of self-reflection, listening, learning and action necessary to continue making sure Pacific — and our surrounding society — practices those values every day.
PTK Honor Society Transfer Honor Roll 2023
National honor society names Pacific among 208 "Transfer Friendly" universities in the country in recognition of its pathways to support community college transfer students seeking bachelor's degrees.
Students connect in the University Center on Pacific's Forest Grove Campus
Pacific joins local private colleges in offering coordinated info sessions for future students. Learn about admissions, financial aid and academic programs.