Order Branded Product

Products bearing the Pacific University logo are a great tool for building brand recognition and for growing the Boxer Spirit.


You must use licensed vendors when ordering Pacific University products. A licensed vendor is authorized to create products using trademarked Pacific University logos. Please refer to this list of vendors  (pdf).

If you are working with a vendor who has not been licensed, they can apply for a license online via our licensing partner CLC Learfield.

There are two types of license available:

  • A standard license is for companies to produce licensed products for resale to the general public. Standard licensees pay royalties off the wholesale cost of the goods they are selling.
  • A restricted license is used by companies that only produce products for internal consumption by the university. No products produced under this license may be sold to the general public, and they are exempt from royalties.

If they have additional questions connect with licensing@clc.com.

Branded Product Purchases

You can purchased branded products in the Boxer Nation Store.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, contact Marketing & Communications for more detail on other standard branded items, such as pens, water bottles, and cups. We can provide artwork for these items.

If your unit has a budget to purchase gear in quantity, join the annual Marketing & Communications gear purchase. By working together, we are able to buy more products at lower prices.

If you are looking for another option, you may need to hire a graphic designer. Marketing & Communications can provide suggestions as needed. Products will need to be made through a licensed vendor and reviewed and approved by Marketing & Communications.

Product Design

Products should use the primary color palette of red, black, grey and white. Questions about placing the Pacific University logo on aloha wear also can be directed to Marketing & Communications.

All products should include the university logo. Follow the logo use guidelines, and be sure not to stretch or distort the logo.

The logo may accompany event-specific artwork. For example, you may have a primary design on a T-shirt. The logo should then appear on a sleeve or back of the neck.

Do not create alternate logos for events, programs, etc., under the Pacific University brand. Please contact Marketing & Communications with questions or for assistance.