Internship Information for Employers

Are you seeking project assistance or searching for prospective employees?

Pacific University is deeply committed to active learning and experiential education in all its forms, including internships.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a supervised, educational work experience that supports a student’s career interests and exposes them to industry organizations and opportunities. Students are eager to enrich their academic career with industry knowledge and proven accomplishments.

Employers can gain new energy and skills from student contributions to needed assignments and projects.

Why offer an Internship?

  • Utilize "talent in the making" for projects and programs that need assistance.
  • "Try out" top-notch prospective employees.
  • Share your professional knowledge to enrich, encourage, and support future professionals.
  • Reinforce your organization's commitment to education and workforce development.

Internship Facts

All students with at least one term of college-level coursework are eligible to complete an internship and gain academic credit.

Students can be compensated for the time put into an internship experience through academic credit, an hourly wage or stipend, or other organizational perks and benefits.

Students are looking for opportunities all year, but early planning is vital. Hours per week will vary depending on each student.

Steps to Recruiting an Intern

We realize organizations vary in their familiarity with the internship process. Therefore, we recommend taking the following steps to begin your intern recruitment process.

  • Identify your Project/Program needs and create a position description.

We thank you for taking part in offering opportunities to ensure our students will gain an invaluable career-building experience!