Career Development Center

The Pacific University Career Development Center offers a full range of career-related services and opportunities for Pacific University students, alumni and partners.

A major part of our work involves offering individual sessions for students and alumni seeking full-time employment opportunities, part-time and temporary work, internships, summer jobs, fellowships, and further education.

We also host a broad array of workshops, programs and job fairs throughout the year.

Get a Job

View or post online listings for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. Pacific University is proud to provide all students with access to HandShake (, a new career readiness platform that helps students stay up to date with the latest career search tools, tips, and technology.

First Avenue Career Expo is our main recruiting event featuring both career and graduate school opportunities where students can meet with industry leaders and representatives from select graduate and professional programs. Pacific University co-sponsors the event which is held at the University of Portland, Chiles Center.


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Need to schedule an appointment? Contact a staff member whom best matches your needs.