Berglund Residents and Coaches

Entrepreneur in Residence - Jon-Michael Kowertz

Jon-Michael Kowertz is the 2016-2017 Entrepreneur in Residence with the Berglund Center.

Jon-Michael currently teaches an after-school business program, Young Entrepreneur Academy (YEA), at Beaverton High School. He also teaches BA 101: Introduction to Business at Portland Community College-Rock Creek Campus. He is an active judge, mentor, and guest speaker with Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, and Distributive Education Clubs of America, DECA.  Jon-Michael completed his MBA and Master of Science in Finance at Pacific University.


Designer in Residence - Terry O'Day

Currently, Terry O'Day serves as the Designer in Residence, leading the Creative Design Team. She teaches Art and Design at Pacific University where she specializes in designing learning environments that support place-based experiential learning.

O'Day's previous projects include starting a charter school in the community, building a school farm at Pacific University, and serving on the board of a local environmental non-profit.

Product Development Coach- Marina Carulo
Marina Carulo is a Product Development Manager and artist with a Bachelor's degree in Science from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Marina has spent the last 15 years merging her technical experience and love for product innovation, design and creativity together into fresh product lines.

Marina has spent over 10 years working in Asia serving as liaison between design teams and merchandisers to develop seasonal product lines that have brought a significant increase within a corporation's final margins.

Tommy Hilfiger and Nine West have been the two companies in which Marina has spent a total of 15 years working as a senior Product Development Manager.


Business Development Coach - Sarha Abudakar

Sarha Abudakar is the Business Development Team Coach for the 2017-2018 academic year. Sarha was a member of the team for the year prior. Sarha is a 2017 graduate of Pacific University receiving a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Sarha is currently going through the stages to become a CPA for the state of Oregon. Sarha lead the university's first investment team during the entry in the CFA Global Research competition as well as participation in other program/jobs at the university. Sarha's time as a member of the Berglund Development Team taught her not only the business aspect of an innovation process, but also problem-solving and management skills that are vital for keeping each component in the development of a product in sync. Sarha is extrememely excited to see how the current year's innovation projects play out.