Berglund Center Staff

Andy Soria
Director of the Berglund Center
(503) 352-3185

Dr. Soria is an experienced educator, administrator, and research scientist, whose career has spanned multiple fields of science, technology, business and education industries. Over a 25+ year career, he has served many roles, including manager, chair and director, responsible for overseeing, building and managing multi-disciplinary teams, budgets, personnel and outcomes of the units under his supervision.  Dr. Soria's professional career has been focused broadly on developing new products and ventures in energy, materials and science-based innovations. He has been recognized as a subject matter expert by the United States National Academies of Science’s National Research Council for his work in sustainable fuel development and has worked for private and public companies across the U.S. and Latin America. Dr. Soria has raised over $3,5 million dollars in federal grant funds to support R&D work, and has been involved in multiple intellectual property development activities, resulting in patents, trade secrets and other forms of IP in multiple fields of science. At Pacific University, Dr. Soria was responsible for creating the Berglund Center in 2014, establishing its Mission, and overseeing the developments of all existing programs, including the Inspired ideas Competition, BoMA Grant and Boxer Makerspace.

Makerspace Coordinator
(503) 352-2246

Scott Albritton, M.S. is the Makerspace Coordinator for the Berglund Center’s Boxer Makerspace at Pacific University.  

Scott joined Pacific University in the spring of 2021 as the Makerspace Coordinator for the Berglund Center's Boxer Makerspace. Prior to coming to campus, he was a regular at several makerspaces in larger coastal cities where he fell in love with the Makerspace ethos that nearly anybody, from any walk of life, can learn to use computer-aided tools to prototype nearly any physical object they can imagine.

He brings years of experience of helping companies with their R&D/prototyping projects and assisting with small-scale manufacture of products. In an earlier life, Scott worked for the better part of a decade at a Tier One university, managing a team of  student employees while shaping the Ed Tech & Distance Ed efforts of the University's School of Management. He is glad that his re-entry to the academic environment will not involve the need to host his own Real Video servers, and even more happy that it does involve teaching people how to use laser cutters.