McCall Center for Civic Engagement Staff

Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie Stokamer, Ed.D.
Director of Applied and Experiential Learning; Associate Professor

Stephanie is the Director of the McCall Center for Civic Engagement and an Associate Professor of Civic Engagement. She has taught in and administered community-based learning courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs since 2005. 

She has a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Portland State University, and her areas of scholarship include service-learning, civic engagement, and education for democracy, particularly with respect to pedagogical practices and faculty development. Stephanie has contributed to numerous books and publications related to civic learning in higher education, presents regularly at conferences, and conducts workshops for faculty, students, and community partners. 

Stephanie is an AmeriCorps*VISTA alum and was a National Service Fellow in 1997-1998 for the Corporation for National and Community Service. 

Moore PR.jpgJim Moore, PhD
Director of Political Outreach; Associate Professor

Jim Moore incorporates civic engagement into his teaching, into his roles connecting students with the larger community, and into his political analysis. His biennial classes—timed to general elections—require students to work with campaigns. Moore’s students in these classes have been a part of west coast politics since 1992. His role at the McCall Center for Civic Engagement is to bring decision makers and students together, usually with events on Pacific’s campuses. And in his role as a political analyst, Moore’s teaching stretches far and wide across the Pacific Northwest and often to national and international venues. He has been interviewed for media stories over 6500 times since 1991. Moore grew up in southern Oregon and northern California, and he has degrees from Stanford University, the Monterey (now Middlebury) Institute of International Studies, and his doctorate from Northwestern University.

image of MORGAN KNAPP Morgan Knapp, MPA
Program Coordinator; Adjunct Professor

Morgan is the Program Coordinator for the McCall Center for Civic Engagement. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria and a Master of Public Administration from San Francisco State University. Morgan is passionate about community development and lifelong civic engagement & her professional background emphasizes programs and organizations that bridge the public-private divide. Morgan is the child of a Pacific alumna, grew up in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Canada, and loves helping first-time volunteers discover how fun and rewarding service projects can be.

Majestik PhotoMajestik De Luz
AmeriCorps VISTA: Academic Success and Engagement Coordinator 

Majestik is the Student Success and Academic Engagement Coordinator through AmeriCorps VISTA. She is a senior this year with a double major in Philosophy and Psychology who is planning to attend graduate school for a Ph.D. in fall 2023. 

Through her position Majestik is focusing on discovering what the "student experience" truly is as an undergraduate here at Pacific, especially regarding underserved populations. Her goals for this year of service include collecting data from student experience, developing stronger student support services, advocating for safety on campus, and building community. 

Majestik is also the Student Representative on the Board of Trustees as well as a Writing Tutor, Research Assistant, and Teaching Assistant. 

Civic Action Team Specialists (CATS)

The primary purpose of the CATS program in the McCall Center for Civic Engagement (MCCE) is for students to serve our community in a way that connects their academic and personal interests with future employment and lifelong civic engagement. CATS integrate passions, skills, and responsibilities by working as a team on civic engagement programs and preparing for lives as active citizens in their profession and community. Through their engagement in the community, work in the MCCE, contributions to community deliberative dialogues, and reflection at retreats, participants will learn what it means to be a steward in their workplace and communities. 

CATS work on MCCE programs, develop their own civic engagement initiatives, and support each other’s efforts as a team. For more information, or to apply, please visit the Civic Action Team page.

Khong, DucDuc Khong '23 

Duc is currently a 4th-year biology major at Pacific University. He is a highly engaged student within the Pacific University community, actively participating in various civic activities. He assumes leadership positions in the Asian Pacific American Student Union and the Vietnamese Student Association organization. As part of his civic engagement, Duc ardently advocates for enhancing student participation in the voting process. During his leisure time, he indulges in his passion for photography, particularly capturing captivating portraits of his friends and family.

Linares, LucianaLuciana Linares '24 

Hi! My name is Luciana Linares and I am a junior this year and are from Salem, Oregon. I plan to major in Anthropology and minor in CSD (Communication Sciences and Disorders) in order to hopefully become a speech-language pathologist. My passions when it comes to civic engagement are helping animals and the environment. I volunteered with the local humane society, helped start a community garden and participated in multiple river clean ups. I hope to raise awareness about the current state of the environment and how that will affect both the human population and the animals that share our planet. While I'm here at Pacific, I plan to participate in some climate change protests and hopefully save some animals in need:)

Salisbury, JohnathanHelena Guerrero Sullivan '24 

Hey there! My name is Helena and I’m a third-year Anthropology major from Portland pursuing minors in both French and Comparative Religions. I’m interested in helping out with any project that will make a positive impact, but I feel most drawn towards projects that involve the reallocation of resources such as food, hygiene products, and educational materials so that there is less waste within our community. 

Last semester I facilitated a book donation project through my civic engagement class to collect books for children in the Kindergarten to 12th grade age range. These books were donated to Centro Cultural, an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of underserved communities. I decided to continue this project over the summer, collecting over 120 books from yard sales, my hometown’s public library, and Pacific University’s Drake House. This is a project that I hope to continue throughout my last two years here at Pacific. I’m very excited to be getting more involved on campus after a couple of dormant COVID years. Be civic! Be engaged!

Linares, LucianaSofi Mishima '25 

Hey there! My name is Sofi Mishima and I am from Hawai’i. I am a sophomore currently pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Applied Theatre. All my life, I have loved being involved in community service and I look forward to taking that to the next level by using my resources here at the Center for Civic Engagement to learn more and raise awareness about the issues I care about. In my time here, I hope to focus on LGBTQIA+ rights, how we can decrease our impact on the environment, and mental health. I look forward to being a part of the Pacific Community!

Linares, LucianaAndie Howard '25 

Hey! My name is Andie Howard, and I was born in Michigan but lived in Oklahoma for most of my life. I am a sophomore this year and currently majoring in Business and Anthropology and seeing where that takes me. While living in Oklahoma, I was involved in many volunteer work with animal shelters and environmental activism. I hope to continue that here, where I am excited and happy to join the McCall Center for Civic Engagement team. While working here, I will be focusing on community outreach as the Community Outreach Specialist. I am thrilled to see where this year takes me, continue to be involved, and integrate into the community around me! Go Boxers, and have a great day!

Salisbury, JohnathanMatthew Espinoza '26 

Hello, my name is Matthew. I came from and grew up in Snohomish, Washington my whole life. This is my freshman year at Pacific and while undeclared I am interested in Computer Science, Data Science or Mathematics. In the future I would like to have a career in programming or a career in teaching. I am also a student athlete as I am a goalie on our men's soccer team. I am excited to become a part of the Civic Action Team. My interests in Civic Action are protecting our environment and promoting nutritional welfare. I look forward to being able to make a difference here in our local community interacting with like minded individuals on campus!

Andalon, QuetzaliQuetzali Andalon '26 

Hey, my name is Quetzali Andalon and this year I am a freshman. I'm from Mcminnville Oregon, and I am pressuring to major in Criminal Justice and Spanish. My hope as being one of the CATS is to help through activism to my fellow students and community. I'm excited to be at Pacific this year and get to be involved in the events around campus, and help out with anything which may require it. I’ve always been involved in my community whether it be from volunteering or other opportunities. My main focus is representing those who aren't by informing people of situations going on in our world and then taking action to create a benefit.

Khong, DucRosalin Herrera Aguilar '26 

Hi, everyone! My name is Rosalin Herrera Aguilar. I am a first year and first gen student majoring in Social Work, and minoring in something (TBD). Some things about me are that I love music, journaling, and coffee. I am from Eugene, OR. I am Latina and have worked with Centro Latino to help uplift my community. I am very passionate about helping out our underserved communities and will do anything in my power to help people out. As a CATS I hope to be able to finalize my skills in advocacy and leadership, as well as communication.

Boxer Food Share

The primary responsibility of the Boxer Food Share is to provide a resource to students who are unable to get the necessary nutrition and subsistence they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Boxer Food Share aims to promote nutritional well being as well as a healthy campus community. The staff maintains cultural sensitivity to ensure that not only nutritional needs are met, but cultural needs as well. The Boxer Food Share works closely with the McCall Center for Civic Engagement to promote healthy communities in and around campus. Learn more.

Advisory Council  The MCCE Advisory Council provides guidance and support to MCCE staff related to academic civic engagement and co-curricular programs. The 2020-2021 Advisory Council consists of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners. If you are interested in serving on the MCCE Advisory Council, please review the complete description of council roles and responsibilities and contact Program Director Stephanie Stokamer for more information. 

Photo of BevinRemembering Bevin McCarthy 

We fondly remember Bevin McCarthy, Assistant Director of the Center for Civic Engagement from 2013-2018, and her years of service with us prior to her untimely death. Bevin's work lives on in our Center through the Bevin McCarthy Endowed Program Support Fund and the Bevin McCarthy Spirit of Civic Engagement Award.

The Bevin McCarthy Endowed Program Support Fund is designed to be a long-term, yet flexible way to honor Bevin’s work and will be used to directly support students in their civic engagement and/or social justice work. Learn more about the fund and they ways in which it honors her advocacy, her energy, her vulnerability, and her courage.

The Bevin McCarthy Spirit of Civic Engagement Award is presented annually at the Community Collaboration Celebration. It is awarded to an individual, program, partnership, or organization selected by the MCCE staff for particularly noteworthy achievements over the past academic year and/or accumulated over time.  Learn more about the award and consider nominating a candidate by emailing us any time.