Advising & Registration

NOTICE:  During Spring Break, new carpet is being installed in the Registrar's Office.  This means that the physical office will be closed at noon on Friday, March 23, and will reopen at noon on Monday, April 2.  Staff will be working off-campus during this time, so will be answering email and returning phone messages.  Almost all services will continue to be provided, although there might be a slight delay in processing time.  Please email with questions.

College of Education students in Eugene, students in Forest Grove undergraduate programs (College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, and College of Education), and School of Graduate Psychology programs register for classes online. Online registration is accessed through BoxerOnline.

More information: Student Online Registration | Faculty Online Registration

Forest Grove Undergraduate Programs

Advising and registration dates for 2018 Summer and Fall terms for continuing students are:

Grouping * Advising Registration **
70.00 + completed credits April 2-6 April 9-13
30.00 - 69.99 completed credits

April 9-13

April 16-20

0.00 - 29.99 completed credits

April 16-20

April 23-27

* For transfer credits to be included in a student's credit total, official transcripts must have been received in the Registrar's Office by the third Friday of the term.

**Students are assigned a specific day during this week and self-register through BoxerOnline.

Course listings and availability for Summer and Fall 2018 can be accessed through BoxerOnline.

Registration Waitlist Policy
  • Students cannot register for one section of a course and waitlist for another section of the same course
  • Students cannot waitlist or register for two sections of the same course
Time Conflict Policy
  • If you wish to register for courses that overlap, even for 5 minutes, you no longer can use BoxerOnline to register for both courses.
  • To register for overlapping courses you must fill out an Add/Drop form, obtain the signatures of both instructors on the form, and submit it to the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs within the appropriate period for registering.
  • If you are concerned that one of the courses will fill rapidly, you may register for it through BoxerOnline. Include both courses and signatures on the Add/Drop form, but indicate which course you already have registered for.

Please Note: A course is listed with an instructor of STAFF when the instructor has not yet been assigned. In these cases, the department chair/supervisor is listed as the second instructor, so that someone is available to give instructor consent, and/or override prerequisites and co-requisites, if needed. This does not mean that the department chair/supervisor will teach the course.