2-year Single Subject Licensure Pathway for Majors Wishing to Teach Middle or High School

Students who wish to teach at the middle or high school level must major in the content area and also obtain a preliminary teaching license. The single subject professional license at the undergraduate level is designed for highly qualified students who have the space to add additional coursework in addition to the major. Students must also be able to student teach full-time during the weekday in their final semester and pass exams required for licensure. Students should apply to the licensure program no later than April 15th of their second year. For more details on the application and interview process, please contact Cristy Sellers Smith, Forest Grove Undergraduate Education & Learning Coordinator.

The pages below outline the ideal plan for undergraduate students who attend Pacific for 4-years and wish to obtain a single subject teaching license by graduation. Other options are possible however students seeking an alternative route or schedule should contact the program coordinator (above) for additional details.

SS Licensure Candidates Only - Year 3

(does not include major coursework requirements):

Meets Core Requirement: 


EDUC 361: Introduction to Human Lifespan Development & Psychology


EDUC 308: Learning Communities I: Personal Awareness

Social Systems and Human Behavior (SSHB)


International and Diverse Perspectives (IDP)


EDUC 397: Field Experience


EDUC 309: Learning Communities II: Diversity


EDUC 370: School & Society


International and Diverse Perspectives (IDP)



EDUC 436: Technology Across the Curriculum



SS Licensure Candidates Only – Year 4

(does not include major coursework requirements):


EDUC 436: Technology Across the Curriculum (also offered prior Summer)


EDUC 326: Teaching, Assessment, and Classroom Management in the Middle and High School


EDUC 459: Preparing the Work Sample


ONE Teaching course that corresponds to your subject area:


EDUC 302: Art 

EDUC 303: Teaching Music 

EDUC 336: Health 

EDUC 338: Science 

EDUC 339: PE 

EDUC 349: Mathematics 

EDUC 447: Foreign Language

EDUC 451: Social Studies

EDUC 452: Language Arts



EDUC 355-02: Preparing the EdTPA


EDUC 475: Student Teaching


EDUC 476: Learning Communities III: Reflection & Practice


*Licensure candidates typically do not take any other courses during the final term