MAT in Special Education Careers & Outcomes

Now is the time for your career as a Special Education Teacher. School districts are seeking qualified individuals who can successfully work with children with disabilities.

Special Education teacher with a student

"Special education teachers, more than anyone, understand the diverse range of thinking, gifts, and talents that all students bring to the table. They look beyond disability and see talent."

— Cristy Smith, PhD | Associate Professor

"Careers in special education have been some of the few jobs in which we can have a direct impact on whether or not an individual gets to experience their civil rights. Some of special education is about teaching little kids to read and helping bigger kids figure out job hunting skills, but I believe our main job is to assure that each person we work with gets to be recognized for their own contributions and have a chance to be who they want to be."

—Bryan Cichy-Parker, PhD | Associate Professor

People with disabilities belong to all genders, races, sexualities, and social and economic groups. The work you do with people with disabilities brings you closer to people from all groups.

Program Outcomes

The AAQEP-accredited MAT in special education program at Pacific University is dedicated to preparing all teachers to support students with disabilities as equal and valuable members of the school community through a curriculum that focuses on the following learning outcomes:

  • Ability to implement strategies for teaching students with disabilities
  • Facility with technologies for 21st Century teaching and learning
  • Ability to implement inclusive practices for diverse learners
  • Knowledge of how to build school partnerships and internships
  • Skill in special education leadership and advocacy