Learning Outcomes | MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree program trains students interested in discovery-based research, who are motivated to disseminate new knowledge in the biomedical sciences.  The following program learning outcomes (PLOs) describe how students in our program demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes critical to discipline mastery. Graduates of the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree program will be able to:

  1. Knowledge: Apply foundational concepts related to pharmaceutical sciences (pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutics) to complex scientific scenarios
  2. Skills: Perform multiple research techniques that provide the foundation for discovery-focused lines of inquiry
  3. Research Design: Design a research project that includes the collection, organization, and analysis of data in order to address a research hypothesis; this includes an adherence to scientific ethics, where honesty and integrity permeate all stages of scientific practice
  4. Communication: Effectively communicate scientific concepts to an audience as an author, presenter and peer reviewer
  5. Professional Development: Cultivate a professional identity that facilitates integration into the broader scientific community