Office of Scholarship & Sponsored Projects (OSSP)

The Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects (OSSP) supports Pacific University’s faculty, students, and staff in their endeavors to conduct scholarly work and to secure extramural funding for research and scholarly inquiry. This support allows Pacific’s community members to engage in discovery in all of its forms and to fulfill all aspects of the University’s mission.


Pre- and Post-Award Services: OSSP provides pre-award and post-award research administration support and services for external sponsored projects at Pacific University. Among these services, the OSSP team assists scholars and researchers in searching for grant funds and developing grant proposals; reviews and submits applications; negotiates and accepts awards, subawards, and contracts on behalf of researchers and the university; assists with material transfer and data use agreements; coordinates with other institutions in administering collaborative projects; and offers training and career mentoring in support of sponsored research and scholarly inquiry.


Research Integrity and Compliance: The Research Integrity and Compliance Office focuses on ensuring the responsible conduct of research and compliance in regulated research. This includes administering the university's three research-related regulatory committees; providing training and resources on research regulations and compliance; administering policies relates to research, including conflict of interest disclosures; overseeing research misconduct responses and reporting; and serving as the university's liaison with external research-related regulatory agencies.


OSSP's Annual Sponsored Projects Report, "Celebrating Discovery 2022"


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Ann Barr-Gillespie, PhD, DPT | Vice President, Academic Affairs and Provost

Jo Isgrigg, PhD | Director, Office of Scholarship & Sponsored Projects

Breanna Hugon, MA | Research Integrity and Compliance Officer

Dianne Brown | Manager of Research Compliance

D. Chad Johnson, MPH | Area Health Education Center Regional Center Director 

Martha Robertson | Area Health Education Center Program Coordinator 

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