Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects

The Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects (OSSP) supports Pacific University's faculty, students, and staff in their research and scholarly endeavors. This support allows Pacific's community members to engage in discovery in all of its forms and to fulfill all aspects of the University's mission. As a leader in research among private colleges and universities in the state and in the region, our aim is to empower the wide potential among faculty, students, and staff to engage in discovery, develop new insights, support creative expression, provide an extraordinary educational experience, and transform the world. 

Pre- and Post Award Services

OSSP is the first point-of-contact for researchers and scholars in obtaining external grants and sponsored funding. Among the services offered, the OSSP team:

  • Assists in the search for grant funds
  • Assists in the development of grant applications
  • Reviews, approves, and submits grants and sponsored project proposals
  • Negotiates and accepts awards, subawards, and contracts on behalf of researchers and the university
  • Coordinates with other universities in administering collaborative research projects
  • Offers training, workshops, and career mentoring in support of scholarly inquiry and sponsored research
  • Supports researchers and scholars in the management of their sponsored awards

Research Integrity and Compliance

OSSP's Research Integrity and Compliance Office focuses on ensuring compliance in regulated research at Pacific University. The Research Integrity and Compliance Office:

  • Manages the university's three research-related regulatory committees
  • Administers the online regulatory committees' submission systems
  • Oversees research misconduct responses and reporting
  • Conducts internal audits of research
  • Administers research policies and conflict of interest disclosures
  • Provides training and resources on research ethics, regulations, and compliance 
  • Serves as the university's liaison with external research-related regulatory agencies
  • Provides information regarding fundamental research and export control regulations

Scholarly and Research Support

In support of faculty scholarly development, OSSP's Mentor Program pairs faculty with a senior research faculty mentor who will offer expertise and guidance in developing research plans or grant applications. Our Experts Directory connects researchers with specialists (e.g., evaluators, statisticians, etc.) to inform grant applications, join a project team, assist in analyzing data or in data presentation and visualization. 

In collaboration with other university offices, OSSP assists researchers and scholars with intellectual property, tech transfer, material transfer agreements, fundamental research, export control regulations, and preparing for and undergoing audits by external regulatory agencies. 


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