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COVID-19 Information

Temporary halt to in-person human subjects research during COVID-19 outbreak: All non-critical and non-essential human subjects research that is conducted in-person is suspended until further notice. In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic and public health directives, this temporary policy is implemented to protect our participants, researchers, students, and the larger community from the risk of infection. Please see Pacific's IRB website for information and resources. To the extent possible, studies involving human subjects should be done remotely (e.g., online communications, online Qualtrics surveys, phone interviews), as approved by the IRB.

In-person research with vulnerable populations at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 is not permitted in Phase 1, per the State of Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission guidance. Research resumption plans involving interactions with non-vulnerable (as defined by the CDC and Oregon Health Authority) human subjects must thoroughly consider the risk to the subjects and the community, as well as that of the researcher, students, and to others on campus. High risk research activities that do not directly benefit the health of the research participant and/or that would unnecessarily expose research participants and/or the project members to increased risk of COVID-19 are not allowed under Phase 1. IRB approval is required prior to submitting a research resumption plan to the university's COVID-19 Response Team for approval.

Research Resumption Planning Guide: The State of Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission and the Oregon Health Authority issued directions for the resumption of certain critical, essential, and time sensitive research activities at Oregon’s colleges and universities during the coronavirus pandemic and under current public health orders. Faculty, researchers, lab managers, and project staff may develop a plan for a staged return to research projects and labs. 

Researchers must submit a research resumption plan to their chair, director, and dean, and the COVID-19 Preparedness Team for approval prior to resuming research. Those returning to campus must also follow the HR Return to Campus Guidelines for Faculty and Staff (HR Return to Campus Guidelines). 

This document provides guidance in developing a research resumption plan, as public health and university directives allow. Research resumption plans must clearly address multiple issues, including physical distancing, personal protection equipment (PPE) requirements, and cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Additional issues may also need to be included to protect the health and safety of faculty, students, staff, research participants, and the Pacific community. (You can find a Word version of the planning questions here.) At this time, a research resumption plan should focus on moving from a ramp-down status, or Phase 0, to a Phase 1 status. Phase 1 may allow critical, essential, and time-sensitive research to occur on campus with the fewest number of people as possible, upon approval of the research resumption plan, and with continued use of telework.

Essential and Critical Research: For one-time  access to campus research facilities during the COVID-19 public health emergency to engage in essential and critical research and scholarship, please complete this access request form (Box folder) and send to your School dean/director and OSSP ( 

Research Options in the COVID-19 Era: Here is a list of suggestions for alternatives to in-person or lab-based research students to support faculty and student research, scholarship, and capstone opportunities. 



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