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Participating in a faculty mentored research project is one of the best ways to gain experience in your area of academic interest. Research experiences not only teach you the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of a discipline, but also help you determine where your future career interests lie. At Pacific, the faculty themselves are all scholars in their respective field, and they are passionate about sharing their work and mentoring Pacific students in scholarly work.

During the academic year, students may participate in mentored research via independent study courses.  If you are interested in this experience, talk with your faculty about the possibility and register for an independent study class.

Summers provide the opportunity to commit more time to research. Many summer research positions provide a stipend for your summer work.  Below are links to summer research and scholarly opportunities both at Pacific and off-campus.

College of Arts & Sciences Summer Research Program: On-Campus Research Opportunities in the Natural and Social Sciences

Pharmacy Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Research Opportunities in Pharmacy at Pacific's school of Pharmacy in Hillsboro

Off-Campus Summer Research Experiences in all disciplines