Financial Information | Study Abroad

The financial burden of studying abroad is one of the main concerns of students and their parents when looking into programs abroad. We understand this and hopefully will be able to answer all of your questions either below or via phone or email.


For semester/academic year programs, students generally pay standard Pacific tuition, room and in some cases board. The only amount above what is normally paid for a semester at Pacific is a $250.00 semester study abroad fee. The exceptions to the room payment are the Bamberg (Germany), Saga (Japan), and Avignon (France) programs for which students will pay their housing costs directly to the on-site provider.

In addition, students will be required to pay the tuition balance for any program that has a listed tuition fee in excess of $11,000 per semester. Currently, only one program (France, Montpellier) on the approved Pacific University study abroad program list is affect by this policy. However, students who petition the study abroad committee for approval to participate on a currently non-approved program will need to pay close attention to this policy.

How Financial Aid Works

Students are able to use their federal aid and Pacific scholarships to pay for their semester/academic year study abroad program. In most cases the cost of attendance calculated by the financial aid office will be increased to account for additional miscellaneous costs associated with study abroad participation. Depending on a student's specific aid package this change could increase eligibility for federal financial aid loans.

Additional Financial Assistance

Pacific University does not provide additional financial assistance for semester study abroad. However, there are several federal and private scholarships for which students can apply to supplement their standard financial aid package. These include the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship (for which several Pacific students have recently successfully applied) and the Boren Scholarship. Please click on the Scholarships tab to the left for more information.