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Study abroad is an integral component of Pacific University’s undergraduate curriculum. Students are encouraged to study abroad because Pacific recognizes the importance of an abroad experience both in the academic and personal development of its students. Study abroad takes students out of their comfort zone, exposes them to the richness of another culture, teaches them intercultural communication skills, promotes adaptability and builds self-confidence. For many students, it is also a life-changing experience which provides new academic and personal directions, and enhances career opportunities in a global economy in which cross-cultural experience is increasingly valued.

Pacific University offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or academic year. Several short-term programs are also offered, mostly during the Winter III term in January or in early-summer.


Study Abroad Handbook and Information

Below is the general Study Abroad Handbook, your son/daughter will receive a program specific handbook during their orientation.

Semester & Year Abroad Handbook
AIG Travel Assist/ Travel Assist Card
Housing Info

Financial Information

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Practical Links

What to know what time it is where your student is? Or information on the currency in the country your student is studying?

Time Zone Converter
Currency Converter
Power Plugs and Outlets Check

Requesting Information About Your Student

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides students certain rights regarding their education records. By federal regulation, with certain exceptions, all records including a student's grades, transcripts, account information, health and counseling records, placement files and official files maintained by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences or by the Dean of Students can only be released with the student's consent.

When you call a Pacific University Office for information about your student, staff members are trained to be very discreet in their answers due to our high sensitivity regarding the rights of our students. While this may be frustrating for you, please understand that we are protecting your students' privacy.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, or would like a complete copy of Pacific's Policy and Procedures, you may call the Registrar's Office at 503-352-2777 or visit the Registrar's privacy policy page.

Important note to everyone who travels internationally: 
Please check Travel Advisory & Alerts, and enroll in STEP before you go.…/international…/before-you-go.html