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From your first semester, the Global Scholars Program prepares you to find your place on campus and in the world and to serve the global community. The Global Scholars Program is a four-year pathway that brings international and diverse perspectives to whatever you plan to study. The Global Scholars pathway complements any major, especially if you are preparing for a career working work with diverse people or in diverse communities

Incoming first-year students have a unique opportunity to begin their journey with the Global Scholars First-year Seminar and companion short-term study abroad courses.  

NEW! Global Scholars First Year Seminar: Gathering Peace

Fall 2022 First-Year Seminar + Winter 2023 Study Abroad in Tahiti, French Polynesia

The Global Scholars First-Year Seminar and January travel class offer you a unique experience to study abroad as a first-year student. Learn about French Polynesia on campus in the fall with expert faculty. Then travel to Tahiti together in January to experience its history and culture first-hand. 

The Global Scholars Program makes international education safe and affordable.  Travel with your first-year seminar faculty and classmates. Pacific pays most of the cost.  You pay only airfare.

The 2022-23 Global Scholars’s travel course to Tahiti is centered on the theme of “Gathering Peace.” 

Peace through justice

  • understanding the post-colonial position of French Polynesia as countries under colonial jurisdiction of France.

Peace through nature

  • Tahitian cultural is anchored in sense of place and time. We will learn about traditional cosmology, wayfaring (navigating by the stars), the flora and fauna of French Polynesia and more.
  • We will help restore coral beds, help remove invasive plant and animal species.

Peace through activism

  • Fare Hape is the immersive cultural center where we will learn about efforts to preserve Tahitian language, spirituality, arts, science and healing practices.
  • We will meet with members of the independence movement as well as those that oppose it.
  • We will engage in numerous activities that will give back to the communities of Tahiti and Moorea.

Only 20 spots are available, so apply soon.

Reserve Your Spot

Moorea at sunset viewed from Tahiti

Experience Polynesian Culture First-Hand

Learn about traditional Polynesian knowledge and culture, economic and ecological sustainability, and the legacy of French colonialism in French Polynesia. Then travel to Tahiti, the mythical birthplace of Pele, the goddess who was exiled by her father to Hawaii. We also visit the nearby island of Moorea to experience history and culture first-hand. Service learning, such as envasive species eradication and coral reef planting, and home stays  provide insight into contemporary Polynesian island life.

Travel is Safe and Faculty-Supported

The Global Scholars program makes international education safe and affordable. Travel with your first-year seminar faculty and classmates. In addition to learning about French Polynesia, you will receive practical preparation for international travel. Your health and safety are our first priority. Faculty are trained to support the safety and well-being of diverse students abroad. Travel may still be prohibited in January 2023 because of the ongoing COVID pandemic. Pacific University follows the international travel safety guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Department of State. 

Study Abroad is Affordable

You pay only airfare. Pacific pays the rest! This opportunity is possible thanks to generous support from donors and through grants from the U.S. Departments of State and Education. Students may also apply for a limited number of short-term travel grants offered by Pacific Student Senate's ACE Board.

Global Scholars is for You

We invite all incoming first-year students to apply. You are especially encouraged to join us if you speak a second language, or come from diverse ethnic, economic, and social backgrounds. No prior international experience is required.  If you are unable to travel outside of the U.S., contact us to discuss alternatives.

Apply to Reserve Your Spot

Apply today to request your spot in the Global Scholars First Year Seminar and Global Explorations January travel course. Only 20 spots are available. An advisor will contact you about next steps. Submitting the application does not commit you to the program.

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2022 Global Scholars First Year Seminar + Global Explorations Travel Course

Learning Outcomes

The Global Scholars FYS course shares the learning objectives held in common by all sections of first-year seminar, while it also prepares students to study abroad in January by providing academic, intercultural, and logistical preparation. Completion of the Global Scholars FYS and Global Explorations courses fulfills students’ FYS and International & Diverse Perspectives (IDP) core graduation requirements.

Global Explorations (HUM 101) Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, student will be able to:

  • critically reflect on their experience in the global destination and synthesize that experience with the readings and discussions from the prep course.
  • develop self-culture and other-culture awareness through their interactions with people at the travel destination.
  • apply disciplinary or interdisciplinary research methods to a project during course.

International & Diverse Perspectives (IDP) Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completing an IDP course, student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary or disciplinary understanding of cultural diversity through the examination of languages, values, and practices from around the world.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how social categories (for example, race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, language, religion or belief, or other forms of social differentiation) and social and cultural context influence one’s understanding of the world or point of view.
  • Explain how cultural self-awareness promotes effective cross-cultural interaction.


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