Tuition & Fees | International Students

Estimated Expenses 2023 - 2024 (with MERIT Scholarship) for International Students:

Please note that Pacific University does not offer a full-tuition or full-ride scholarship for international applicants.

(renewable for 4  years)
ESTIMATED Cost of Tuition, Room & Board
per year with scholarship ($USD)
$20,000 per year to $30,000 per year
$ 49,524 to $39,524*

Estimated Expenses 2023-2024 for International Students:

Expense Category Amounts in US Dollars
Tuition and Fees $54,466*
Room and Board $15,058*
Annual Fees $1,188*
Annual Medical Insurance $4,061*
Miscellaneous Fees (Books, transportation etc) $2,850*

Total Cost of Attendance
(without any scholarship)


*All estimates are based off previous years and does not reflect the actual cost of attendance; this will vary.

Pacific University also accepts outside scholarships and encourage international students to apply for any they may be eligible for. Outside scholarships can be found in many various places and we encourage students to do their own research for these opportunities.

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