International Student Scholarships

Good grades earn you money at Pacific University!

It takes hard work and perseverance to succeed academically. At Pacific University we want to reward your achievements and make it possible for you to develop your talents even further.

As an international student, once you are fully admitted to an undergraduate degree program at Pacific University, you are automatically considered for renewable merit scholarships. These scholarship and GPA correlations are intended for international student use. 

Please note that Pacific University does not offer a full-tuition or full-ride scholarship

Merit Scholarships for International Students:

Award Type

Scholarship Amount
(renewable for 4 years)

Converted U.S.A. GPA
(Calculated by the University)

Founders Scholarship

$ 27,000 per year

3.80 - 4.00

Honors Scholarship

$24,000 per year

3.70 - 3.79

Presidential Scholarship

$21,000 per year

3.50 - 3.69

Trustee Scholarship

$18,000 per year

3.30 - 3.49

University Scholarship

$15,000 per year

2.70 - 3.29


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