Ambassadors | Master of Science in Athletic Training

Each year, ambassadors volunteer their time and energy to be the student voice of the MSAT program. All of our ambassadors are actively involved on campus and work closely with the Admissions Office to provide an invaluable resource for prospective students.

We encourage you to speak with a current student about their experience applying to and choosing Pacific University's Master of Science in Athletic Training. Ambassadors' emails are provided below, and they will be happy to help you learn why Pacific is the school for you!

Meghan McMahon '20

Undergraduate Institution and Major & Minor | Rowan University: Health and Physical Education

Hometown | Bridgeton, NJ

One Reason I Chose Pacific | It's hard to name one specific reason that drove me to apply to Pacific. I was excited by the small class sizes, the extensive curriculum, the experienced faculty, the favorable academic calendar, and the great opportunities for clinical internships. From clicking around on the website, though, I got the impression that Pacific was more than just those things, and I was right. Before enrolling in this program, I had never even been to the west coast. I moved here -- essentially on a hunch -- and I was not disappointed. My classmates, professors, and preceptors have made me feel welcomed, supported, encouraged, and motivated since the beginning. I go to class every day confident that I made the right decision in choosing Pacific because of the people and the positive learning environment we have here. 

Hobbies | Field Hockey, Basketball, Coaching, Teaching, Going to the Beach, Traveling, Trying New Things

MSAT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, Professional Student Senator

Colin Moran '20

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Undergraduate Institution and Major & Minor | Rocky Mountain College, Exercise Science & Coaching

Hometown | Sidney, MT

One reason I chose Pacific | I really liked the idea of moving to a new area and experiencing something much different. The school itself was appealing because of the smaller class sizes, and the idea of more professor student interactions. Our class itself is very interactive and diverse. We have become very close quickly, and other schools don’t always have those relationships. I have been able to learn and grow with my class not only in the classroom, but outside of it as well. Pacific is a great place to grow as an individual in the classroom, and in the community.

Hobbies | Hiking, Basketball, Snowboarding, Social Interactions, Xbox, and Traveling

MSAT Student Activities | Student Ambassador

Lorenzo Craig '21

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Undergraduate Major & Minor | Exercise Science

Hometown | Phoenix, AZ

One reason I chose Pacific | The school, community, and state consists of wonderful people, and I really wanted a change of scenery.

Hobbies Playing basketball, video games, listening to music, and studying

MSAT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, ATSA Student Class President

Mikayla Jeppsen '21

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Undergraduate Major & Minor | Exercise Science & Motor Behavior

Hometown | Aumsville, OR

One reason I chose Pacific | The professors actually care about your education and take the time to meet with you and help you along your journey.

Hobbies | Coaching & Playing Softball, Camping, Serving, and Spending time with friends and family

MSAT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, Treasurer for the class of 2021

Amanda Lyon '21

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Undergraduate Major & Minor | Kinesiology

Hometown | Columbia, SC

One reason I chose Pacific | I was interested in experiencing life in a new city for graduate school, but more importantly, I was also interested in attending a school where the faculty truly cares not only about the students' knowledge, but the personal well-being of the students as well. When I came to visit the campus and faculty last January, I immediately realized that the faculty within this program are passionate about their students’ education and truly dedicate themselves to sharing their knowledge to produce exceptional Athletic Trainers. From the start of my visit I instantly felt at home here.

Hobbies | Dancing, singing, hammocking, reading, flying/traveling, riding my bike, and attending any sort of sporting event.

MSAT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, Social Coordinator