Master of Science in Athletic Training

Master's Degree

Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who work with physicians to optimize their patients’ activity. They provide physical medicine, prevent and diagnose injury, and treat and rehabilitate acute and chronic issues that would impair or limit their patients’ activity.

Certification and licensure as an athletic trainer requires, at minimum, a degree in athletic training from an accredited college or university. According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, about 70 percent of working athletic trainers in the United States hold at least a master’s degree.

The Pacific University athletic training program offers an entry-level master of science degree in athletic training.

As students in the Pacific University Hillsboro Campus, master of science in athletic training (MSAT) students also receive access to an interdisciplinary learning environment that will help them collaborate and excel within the healthcare field professionally.

Currently, the Athletic Training Program is unable to accept international students. The Program is investigating international admissions and we encourage you to check back for further information.

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Dana Bates, Masters of Athletic Training Professor, published a medical journal online. 

Dr. Sarah Cook Presents at Association for Applied Sport Psychology 2019 Annual Conference.

MSAT students were awarded PSS development funds for research on blood flow restriction.

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