Curriculum | Athletic Training

The curriculum will consist of 6 consecutive semesters.  The first summer session begins June 2021. 

Additional Certifications 

Our program is committed to supporting professional growth and learning and enabling students to be competitive candidates when seeking employment.  During their time in the program, students will have the opportunity to obtain certifications beyond what is offered in the curriculum.  Courses we have hosted include HawkGrips (IASTM), Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) and Myofascial Decompression (cup therapy).  Our goal is to offer 1 additional certification course each semester with the flexibility to adjust offerings based on professional relevance and student interest. 

Research Requirement

As a part of our graduation requirements, each student is required to be a part of the planning, development, implementation, and completion of an original research project.  This project can be the result of a group effort with the classmates in your cohort and will be guided by an existing program faculty member.  You will be enrolled in a 2-credit research course during each semester of your matriculation.

Year 1

AT 672 Introduction to Strength and Conditioning  2 
AT 665 Introduction to Therapeutic Rehabilitation  2
AT 505 Human Anatomy Review  2
AT 506 Emergency Medical Response  2
AT 529 Athletic Training Concepts  2
Total Credits  10 
AT 540 Clinical Practicum I  4
AT 502 Orthopedic Evaluation (Lower Quadrant)  4
AT 530 Acute Care of Sports Injuries I  2
AT 670 Rehabilitation Applications I  2
AT 560 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice  2
AT 510 Physical Agents and Mechanical Modalities  3
Total Credits  17 
AT 541 Clinical Practicum II  4
AT 503 Orthopedic Evaluation (Upper Quadrant)  4
AT 531 Acute Care of Sports Injuries II  2
AT 671 Rehabilitation Applications II  2
AT 550 Research Methods and Statistics  2
AT 650 Professionalism in Athletic Training  2
CHP 550 Foundations in IPP  1
Total Credits  17 

Year 2 

AT 542 Clinical Practicum III  2
AT 575 Pharmacology in Athletic Training  2
AT 571 Nutritional Concepts in Athletics  2
Total Credits  6 
AT 642 Clinical Practicum IV  7
AT 621 Organization and Administration  3
AT 661 Research III: Data Collection  2
AT 600 General Medical Conditions  4
Total Credits  16 
Weeks 1-15
AT 681  Research IV: Analysis and Dissemination  2
AT 520 Sports Psychology  3
Weeks 1-10
AT 643 Clinical Practicum V (Immersive Experience)  10
Total Credits  15 

Total Curriculum Credits: 81