Curriculum | Athletic Training

As a part of our graduation requirements, each student is required to be a part of the planning, development, implementation, and completion of an original research project.  This project can be the result of a group effort with the classmates in your cohort and will be guided by an existing program faculty member.  You will also be enrolled in a 2-credit research course during each semester of your matriculation.

Year 1

Semester 1 Hours
AT-502 Orthopedic Evaluation: Lower Quadrant 5
AT-510 Physical Agents and Mechanical  Modalities  3
AT-530 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries I 2
AT-540 Clinical Internships I 5
AT-560 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice 2
AT-650 Professionalism and Ethics in Athletic Training 1
CHP-515 Interprofessional Competency; Theory & Practice I 1
  Total 19
Semester 2 Hours
AT-503 Orthopedic Evaluation: Upper Quadrant 5
AT-531 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries II 2
AT-541 Clinical Internships II 5
AT-550 Research Methods and Statistics 2
AT-670 Training/Conditioning Athletes & Physically Active Individuals 2
  Total 16

Year 2

Semester 1 Hours
AT-600 General Medical Conditions 5
AT-610 Introduction to Medical Imaging 1
AT-660 Critically Appraised Topics 1
AT-640 Clinical Internship III 8
  Total 15
Semester 2 Hours
AT-570 Sports Nutrition 4
AT-620 Administration in Healthcare and Athletic Training Settings 2
AT-641 Clinical Internship IV 9
  Total 15