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Athletic Training Student Organization (ATSA)

Our mission is to better the social, personal, and academic lives of all students enrolled in the athletic training program. With a focus on community service, fundraising, and event planning, we seek to promote program growth and encourage students to become advocates, not only for their profession, but for their community

Class of 2024 Officers

President | Katrina Boyd

Vice President | Brianna Sevin

Secretary | Emily Thompson-Wiltshire

Treasurer | Sam Kelly

Social Coordinators | Jacqui Oropeza

Professional Student Senate | Jourden Lamar

Ambassadors | Jourden Lamar (

                              Brianna Sevin (

                              Emily Thompson-Wiltshire (

Class of 2025 Officers

President | Lan Vu

Vice President | Logan Hurley

Secretary | Shannon Fitzgerald

Treasurer | Victoria Armenta

Social Coordinator | Liv Valente

Professional Student Senate | Alyssa Ross

Ambassadors | Karina Villegas (

                              Alyssa Ross (