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Athletic Training Student Class of 2021

AT class 2021


Athletic Training Student Organization (ATSA)

Our mission is to better the social, personal, and academic lives of all students enrolled in the athletic training program. With a focus on community service, fundraising, and event planning, we seek to promote program growth and encourage students to become advocates, not only for their profession, but for their community


Class of 2021 Officers

AT class 2021 officers

President | Lorenzo Craig

Vice President | Alexis Reynoso

Secretary | Jamie Leonetti

Treasurer | Mikayala Jeppsen

Social Coordinator | Amanda Lyon

Professional Student Senate | Lexi Reynoso  

Ambassadors | Amanda Lyon, Mikayla Jeppsen, Lorenzo Craig 


Class of 2022 Officers


President | Maggie Stojak

Vice President | Leo Dominguez

Secretary | Carolina Garcia

Treasurer | Jordan Holt

Social Coordinators | April Bumanlag & Lindsey Daron

Professional Student Senate | Oanh Ngo 

Ambassadors | Ron Laylon