Audiology Clinical Placements

Pacific University’s AuD program has a strong clinical component which students experience throughout the entire program.

First-year students work under the supervision of faculty who are licensed audiologists in the Pacific EarClinic and around the Portland metro area. Second year students are placed at full-time clinical internship sites for several (six-nine) weeks each semester. These internship placements can be local, out-of-state, or even international. During the third and final year of the program, students continue to develop and refine their clinical skills through a year-long clinical externship.

Be Prepared to Travel

Second and third year students gain experience at audiology clinics across the nation and beyond. We have internship placements in many states and in multiple countries.

Pacific University works to provide students opportunities learn from audiologists all over the world to expand their clinical knowledge and experience.

The opportunity to travel and receive diverse experience is a highlight of our clinical education program.

So where will you go? The world is your oyster!