Aloha! Welcome to the parent page for NHOH’s annual Lūʻau & Hōʻike!

We are so thankful for the support from our ʻohana near and far. We know everyone is incredibly busy in their everyday lives, so we value your willingness to jump on board and dedicate your time and energy to making our event a success!

You will find contact information for parent committee chairs and island coordinators on this page. You will also be able to find committee descriptions if you’re curious about the duties of each committee.

If you have any questions or would like to join a committee, please get in touch with Carolyn Quindica, Lūʻau & Hōʻike State Coordinator, at

Mahalo for your generosity! We couldn’t do this without all of you!


NHOH Advisors

Janalei Chun, MAT, ʻ89, ʻ97

Hope Villanueva

Edna K. Gehring, MS, ʻ70, ʻ72


Shaye Nishimura |


Noah Yamashiro  |



The mission of Nā Haumāna O Hawai‘i is to promote and radiate the spirit of Aloha and preserve and perpetuate our unique cultural heritage.


Any student of Pacific University who shows an interest in the goals of the organization, accepts adherence to the provisions of the constitution and by-laws, and is willing to contribute to the ongoing success of the organization, is eligible for membership.