Development Funds Requests

Definition of Funds

Interprofessional Development Funds

This type of funding is for events and activities that are across academic programs (interdisciplinary). Examples include guest speakers open to a broad audience of graduate and professional students, and/or an on-campus event that utilizes participation of multiple graduate and professional students and programs.  

Interprofessional Development Funds Application

Program Development Funds 

This type of funding is for academic program-specific events and activities. Examples include representing Pacific University by presenting research or other content at a professional conference (simply attending a conference is unlikely to result in funding because most programs require conference attendance as part of the professional experience), activities that benefit a population of patients/clients/students specific to your academic discipline, or events that develop a particular skill-set specific to your academic program.

Program Development Funds Application

Research Development Funds

This type of funding is for individual research being done as a program requirement or in addition-to program requirements. Examples include development of poster presentations, monies needed as incentive for research participants, or any costs associated with individual research. This funding applies to research being conducted by multiple students.

Research Development Funds Application

Requests for funding in any of the above areas should align with the mission of the PSS and provide a service to, inform, or enhance the Pacific University community or community-at-large. 

Application Completion Support

It is highly encouraged that you review your request with your Senator(s) prior to submission.  Incomplete applications may result in a delay of review. To obtain accurate account number for deposit of awarded funds, please seek assistance from your program's budget administrator. Completed applications can be submitted to