Creative Writing Faculty

Photograph of Professor Bove.
Associate Professor
+1 (503) 352-2010

Professor Bove received his PhD from Boston University in 2007 and specializes in Victorian literature and culture, British Romanticism, critical theory, and film theory. (On sabbatical for AY 2017-18.)

Photograph of Professor Evans.
Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Evans is a visiting assistant professor of Rhetoric and Composition in the English Department. She serves as the Writing in the Core Curriculum coordinator for Pacific University, mentors Writing & Research instructors, and trains the writing tutors at the Tutoring & Learning Center (TLC).

Photograph of Professor Johnson.
Associate Professor & Director of the First-Year Experience Program
+1 (503) 352-3035

Professor Johnson is an associate professor of English. He is currently working on a chapbook of poetry on flyfishing.

Photograph of Professor Mitra.
Associate Professor & Director of Creative Writing
+1 (503) 352-2989

Professor Mitra is the Director of Creative Writing, teaching writing and literature courses for the English Department. There, she also serves as co-editor-in-chief of Silk Road Review: A Literary Crossroads and PLUM: Pacific's Literary Undergraduate Magazine.

Headshot of Professor Pagan.
Professor & English Department Chair
+1 (503) 352-2748

A professor in the English Department, Darlene Pagán teaches creative writing and contemporary literature. She is an Associate Editor in Poetry for Airlie Press, and her publications include poetry (Setting the Fires and Blue Ghosts) and essays. She's at work on a memoir, The Safest Place to Fall, as well as a novel.

Photograph of Professor Postma.
+1 (503) 352-2859

Professor Postma is a creative writing professor in the English Department, and serves as co-editor-in-chief of two literary journals published at Pacific University, Silk Road Review: A Literary Crossroads and PLUM: Pacific's Literary Undergraduate Magazine.

Photograph of Dean Smith.
Assistant Professor & Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs
+1 (503) 352-2717

Steve Smith is the Assistant Professor & Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs.

Photograph of Professor Tavares.
Assistant Professor
+1 (503) 352-2801

As assistant professor of Medieval and Renaissance literature in the English department at Pacific University, Dr. Tavares serves as senior drama editor of Silk Road Reviewas well as advisees the English Club and Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society.

Associate Professor
+1 (503) 352-2868

Professor Thompson is associate faculty in the department of English at Pacific University, specializing in American literature.