Disability Studies Minor | Academic Advising Handbook

The Disability Studies Minor at Pacific tries to understand:

  • Why physical and cognitive differences have been treated as they have in the past and are in the present,
  • How they should be treated in a twenty-first century democracy, and why.

The Disability Studies Minor welcomes students majoring in any of the liberal arts and sciences. For those interested in health care, Disability Studies complements their science courses by focusing on the social, cultural, and political issues in their future careers; and by concentrating on a population of people that many professions are established to serve.

Students majoring in the social sciences or humanities will be interested in Disability Studies’ analysis of the most fundamental concepts of our culture: body and mind, normality and difference, freedom and rights, beauty and wholeness. All of these ideals and their profound importance may become clearer in classes devoted to exploring their impact on our beliefs, laws, schools, hospitals, and day-to-day lives. 

Contact: Tim Thompson, thompsot@pacificu.edu

Requirements for the Minor (21-24 credits)

  • ENGL 221 Literature and Disability 4 credits
  • DS/PHIL 307 Ethics, Medicine, and Health Care 4 credits
  • DS 200 Introduction to Disability Studies or ​ENGW 181 Writing about Disability
  • Electives 11-12 credits

Please see the catalog for electives that can be used in the minor. 

Rev 2019