Editing & Publishing Minor | Academic Advising Handbook

Students interested in the Editing and Publishing Minor should contact Prof. Keya Mitra in the department of English. We strongly encourage students to do this no later than the spring of their sophomore year.

Requirements for the Minor

All of the following courses (10 credits):  
MEDA 109 Intro to Graphic Design 2 credits
MEDA 363 Publication, Editing, and Design 4 credits
ENGW 466 Literary Magazine Production 2 credits
ENGW 475 Internship  2 credits
Two or more of the following courses (8 credits):
ENGW 203/304 Writing: Book Editing and Design* 4 credits
MEDA 209 Fundamentals of Graphic Design (offered Spring) or MEDA 215 (offered Fall) 4 credits
MEDA 150 Pacific Index 1-4 credits

MEDA 265 Web Design (offered every other year)

4 credits
MEDA 122 Intro to Digital Media 2 credits
ENGL 431 Literature and Publishing 4 credits
Total 18

*suggested instead of ENGW 180 but cannot earn credit for both ENGW 180 and ENGW 203

**check prerequisites

Rev 2019