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After Pacific | Graduates of Pacific University’s Creative Writing degree program have a range of writing, editing, and innovative problem-solving skills highly valued in today's content-driven marketplace. Recent graduates have gone into publishing, writing for large and small businesses, law school, and health sciences programs in addition to being graphic novelists, fiction writers, and poets. Many continue their education, winning Fulbright positions or enrolling in MFA programs.

In this program, you will study the major authors, works, genres and literary movements of Western and World traditions, approaching these texts both analytically and historically. Develop your critical and creative thinking skills by examining texts analytically, historically and from multiple points of view. You will also find a unique voice, express yourself clearly in speaking and writing, and become an articulate interpreter and contributor to your culture.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of your degree in Creative Writing, students are able to

  • identify, describe, and compare the literary features of a variety of genres across different historical periods and cultures.
  • compose in a variety of genres, showing critical awareness of traditions, aesthetics, prosody, and narrative techniques, paying particular attention to audience and purpose.
  • create work of original literary art, from the early brainstorming stage to a polished, final draft.
  • revise to strengthen ideas, form, and voice, as well as edit mechanics including grammar, syntax, and punctuation.
  • create cover letters, queries, and other industry-specific materials for professional submission of creative work to agents, editors, and publications.

Program Purpose

The English Department offers students guidance in acquiring and developing the skills of interpretation, critical thinking, and clear writing. For students choosing to specialize in literature or creative writing, the curriculum offers the opportunity to engage the literary traditions of Britain, the United States, and world literatures, as well as to enter into the theory and practice of literature itself.

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