French Activities on Campus

The French language assistant, and the French Club host many activities for the French program at Pacific. Here is an overview of some of these events. If you would like to become a member of the French Club (it's free!), please contact Prof. Jeanne-Sarah de Larquier at or Prof. Clara-Julia Peru at




La Table Française

(French Conversation Hour)

One-hour/week, recommended for 102 and 200 level


One hour/week, recommended for 200 and 300 level.

Relaxed discussions at all levels with our French language assistant.

Similar to French Club meetings, but French speaking is preferred as a least part of the events will be conducted in French. 

N.B. : You are welcome on either day but encouraged to follow level recommendation if your schedule allows it. 

Le Club de Français

(French Club)

Dates and times vary to accommodate special events.


Expect several French-Club sponsored events each month.

Everyone is welcome and English may be spoken. The French Club meets mostly to have fun and explore French culture through a variety of events. Events will include but not be limited to eating at French/Francophone restaurants, cooking classes museum visits, concerts lectures, etc.


Les Soirées Françaises

(French nights)

Once a week from 6:00pm to 8:00pm with the language assistant, generally in the CLIC (Pacific Hall).

Keep an eye out for the language assistant's emails who will notify you in advance of the events and potential change of location when needed. (cooking classes may be done either at her apartment or in a specified location

Similar to French Club meetings but this time ONLY FRENCH IS SPOKEN. Play French Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary, Taboo, Topword ; watch French movies ; cook, eat, dance, listen to music, etc. Sometimes French nights are organized in conjunction with the French Club.

NOTE: Events are advertised on Facebook at “Français à Pacific U”