Journalism Learning Outcomes

After Pacific | Our graduates are print and broadcast journalists, public relations professionals, editors and writers, government officials and graduate students in a variety of fields.

Program Purpose

  • Demonstrate how the journalistic approach to problem solving and storytelling can produce locally engaged, globally competent citizens.
  • Demonstrate competence in a core set of journalistic crafts in reporting, research and storytelling that show versatility across media.
  • Express a critical understanding of the contextual factors that shape the media message in a diverse, globalized media landscape.
  • Produce journalistic work that showcases an area of specialization that draws on the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the student.
  • Produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates work produced in a public media setting.

A journalism major from Pacific University can fast-track you into a cutting-edge career directly out of college. Your degree in journalism prepares you to tell news stories across audio, text and digital mediums for mass media audiences. You will develop excellent interview, writing, and digital media skills to compete in today’s fast paced mass media environment. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Produce a complex digital news package that engages audiences with relevant facts, visuals and technical components.
  • Apply media ethics and inclusivity when working with the public, including marginalized populations.
  • Apply emotionally intelligent interviewing skills for working in deadline-driven situations.
  • Express strong writing, editing and proof-reading skills for reporting the news.
  • Critique the contextual factors that shape the media in a diverse, globalized media landscape.