Learning Outcomes | Journalism

After Pacific | Our graduates are print and broadcast journalists, public relations professionals, editors and writers, government officials and graduate students in a variety of fields.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate how the journalistic approach to problem solving and storytelling can produce locally engaged, globally competent citizens.
  • Demonstrate competence in a core set of journalistic crafts in reporting, research and storytelling that show versatility across media.
  • Express a critical understanding of the contextual factors that shape the media message in a diverse, globalized media landscape.
  • Produce journalistic work that showcases an area of specialization that draws on the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the student.
  • Produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates work produced in a public media setting.

Program Purpose

The media arts department enables students to become creative media makers and critical thinkers. Students are encouraged to create media as self-expression to engage with the world around them, to foster inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue; and to reflect on social issues.