You want to report the meaningful stories. We have the tools to get you there.

The journalism major at Pacific focuses students on hands-on reporting experiences for reporting in a digital-first world of news. Our updated college journalism curriculum prepares students with the digital reporting skills they’ll need to thrive in today’s newsrooms. Students are immersed in print reporting, copy editing, video for news, social media for news, journalism ethics, and many other skills needed to land the best reporting jobs.


Journalism Internships

The student newspaper, The Pacific Index, offers dynamic positions in reporting, social media and photography for the aspiring journalist. Find them on Instagram @pacindex. The nearby media industries of Portland and Seattle offer excellent summer internship options. Our program also has strong ties to Pamplin Media, which produces many of the best newspapers in the Portland metro, and to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Journalism major students have access to digital media production through our equipment room, and also have access to our Mac lab for editing and audio software. Pacific Index reporters have produced podcasts, live-streamed campus events and edited online news stories using our digital media supplies. The Pacific Index has its own special supply of reporting equipment for reporters to use.

The journalism program won a TARGET grant in 2020 from the university to teach new social media skills on mobile phones for journalists. The Emerging Social Media video series equips journalists with new media skills in how to use social media for reporting. Students earn a certificate that makes their graduation resume even more competitive among their peers.