It's more than sales & promotion. Learn to connect with different constituencies.

Proper marketing technique requires the understanding of many formats – print, web, social, and video – and an understanding of consumer behavior and analytics. If you are good at thinking in terms of categories and want to apply your creativity to reaching target markets, you can find a place in any industry.

With tech-savvy College of Business professors pushing you to learn new marketing concepts and technology applications, you will be prepared to learn and evolve with the latest industry trends. At Pacific, you will have opportunities for hands-on learning and be certified with the top marketing tools. You will understand how to use predictive analytics to make informed decisions about products, services, and customers.

Pacific University undergraduates majoring in business administration may choose a concentration in marketing. Develop skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing. Cultivate the highest ethical standards and develop technical competency, oral-communication and quantitative-reasoning skills, and library and information literacy.

Business Club

The student-led Business Club organizes social events, activities, professional speakers and other workshops to help you prepare for your career. Open to business and non-business majors alike, the club offers opportunities for networking, professional development, resume building and fun!


College of Business Placement Services offers specialized one-on-one support for students and alumni. Placement Services supports students through the college experience, develops internships programs with local businesses, and connects with Pacific’s wide alumni network in business and industry. Learn more about Placement Services in the College of Business.