Develop the verbal and nonverbal skills to build strong connections and inspire people around you.

The Media Arts Department houses the communication minor program, and is a tight knit community that encourages students to grow and learn from one another. Supportive and challenging, the faculty know students by name, and our small classes emphasize creativity, collaboration, and professional practices that will serve you far beyond graduation. Pacific University’s close proximity to Portland, Ore., allows students to connect with local graphic design organizations and communities while building their skills in school.

In the communication minor, you can take a diverse array of courses that emphasize the importance of self-concept, society, public discourses and the role of media in modern society. Students that study communication develop essential skills that employees seek, regardless of their major (National Association of Colleges and Employers).

As technological innovations rapidly expand our global communities, a contextualized understanding of communication has never been more important. Students will study communication patterns between people regarding issues of identity, sexuality, race and culture and explore the roles and influences of mass media and digital technologies on modern society. In the communication minor, students will also develop live presentation and performance skills.

Develop knowledge to improve analytical, verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Learn to critically evaluate complex patterns of human behavior in many contexts. Join Pacific’s Forensics (speech and debate) team to help further hone presentation skills by competing at speech and debate competitions. Travel with the speech team to attend competitions at unique national and international locations.