Jennifer Hardacker

UC Box 
Walter Hall B5B (Forest Grove)

Courses I’ve Taught

Film History and Analysis

Video for Community Engagement

Animation Studies and Practice

Advanced Film Analysis

Post Production

Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

Recent Film Productions and Awards

The Nightgardner (2008) Digital Video and Archival Film Footage

Screened at 27 Film Festivals and invited presentations

Best Experimental Film, Kansas City Film Jubilee Fest (Kansas City, KS April 2009)
Best Experimental Film,US Super 8mm and Digital Video Festival, Rutgers University,
NJ (February ‘09)
Honorable Mention, River’s Edge International Film Festival, Paducah, KY
(November 2009)

The Road Led Here (2012) Video/animation/16mm film

Screened at 19 Film Festivals
Best Experimental Film, Atlanta ShortsFest, Atlanta, GA (October 2013)
Director's Choice Winner Black Maria Film Festival, Jersey City State College, NJ     (January 2013)

Winged (Completed September 2010) video/animation/16mm film

Screened at 17 Film Festivals
First Place Experimental Film, Atlanta Shorts Fest, Atlanta, GA (Sept. ’11)
Honorable Mention, US Super 8mm and Digital Video Festival, Rutgers University,
NJ (February ‘11)
2nd Place, Experimental, Bridge Fest, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina (Sept. ’11)

Winged is also included in the Kid On Hip, Camera In Hand screening program and DVD.

The Wind in Our Hair (recently completed 2014) Digital Video 

 Screened at several film festivals and for biking groups across the United States. It was awarded Best of Oregon,     "Dramatic Film” Oregon International Film Festival (OIFF), Eugene, OR (September ’15)

Werifesteria (2018) (screened at 9 festivals

Close As Brothers (2020) which has been awarded:

Nominee Best Experimental Micro Film Award, Oregon Documentary Film Festival Fall 2020, The Dalles, OR (October ’20)
Finalist Humboldt Film Festival, Arcata, CA (April ‘20)
Nominee Best Experimental Long Story Short International Film Festival., Bucharest, Romania (April ’20)
Nominee Best Documentary Assurdo Short Film Festival, Cinisello Balsamo, Italy (April ’20)
Best Documentary Short Nominee Documentary Short Nominee, Atlanta Shorts Film Festival, Atlanta GA (August ’20)


I teach film and video production and studies because I passionately believe that film is a powerful mode of expression. Through the study of film we can learn much about our society and culture and through the practice of film and video production we can communicate to others our shared experiences. I find the teaching and practice of film and video to be a symbiotic relationship: engaging in film and video production makes me a better teacher, and teaching makes me a better film and video maker. I also often involve student collaborators in my film productions, and I greatly value their talent, skills, and creativity.